St. Athanasius
Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church
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Library News
New Items for Check-Out available!

 We now have a good selection of CDs of liturgies, hymns, seasonal stuff (quite a variety) as well as more books to check out! Take a look at the library and see the new items.

New Book Section

Recently Father and Donna put together a new section. Its great for anyone who hasn't read all the books no matter if your a season'd Orthodox or just a visitor to our site.  Here is a link to the list put together by Fr. Stephen Howell.

Introduction to Orthodoxy and Spirtitual Formation book list

 Introduction to Orthodoxy and Spiritual Formation

We have a library shelf now dedicated to this specific topic and a list of the books found on this shelf.  The is the reading list for catechumens entering the Faith to provide them a knowledge base for their life in Christ.  We have provided at least one copy of each title on the list for your personal edification.  As a group we have individually come into the Faith with varying levels of catechesis of Church history, theology, practice and the spiritual life. This reading list and books will hopefully allow us the opportunity to broaden our basis of the Faith, answer questions and encourage us in our daily lives. Advent and Lent provide times of devotional reading. 
A big thank you to Donna Greenhut for putting this together.